Biography of Delta Triplett



A man that lives life to no limits, Delta Triplett is clearly on a path to create unforgettable music that leaves you infatuated by his soulful lyrics and hypnotized by his rhythmic beats!  His ability to write songs that place you in the moment and leave you wishing you were the one he was serenading, has become a staple in his style of writing.  Delta is clearly an artist that is passionate about love, what it means and how it determines his life.  He is a man, broken but complete, who speak to real life moments that allow you to feel connected to him in an intimate and personal way.  


As a boy, Delta Triplett would sit and watch his father Billy Stonewall, the legendary drummer from Harvey Scales and the Seven Sounds, practice for hours at a time and would often try and imitate what he saw.  He knew that one day he wanted to be in the music/entertainment industry and was excited about what lied ahead for him. As he got older his grandmother would often tell him stories about how she would put a tape recorder on the floor and play the recordings of his father’s songs in order to get him to sleep. 


Delta’s music and song writing skills began as a child as a result of him spending countless hours practicing his drum regime, performing with school bands, singing with his brothers and sisters, and writing poetry to gather his thoughts. As a producer who developed local artists and as a professional who has had the opportunity to manage national acts, Delta has been privileged to be in the circles of some of the industries most respected entertainers. Finally, he has taken everything he has learned over the years and is investing it in his own career.


Encouraged by his father to produce a musical project to showcase his gift to others, he is releasing the anxiously awaited debut album “See Matters To Me”. The first single entitled “Somebody’s Daughter” speaks to the value of a woman and the hard realities of love.  Inspired by artists and producers such as Charlie Wilson, The O’Jays, Frankie Beverly and Maze, Quincy Jones , Donny Hathaway, and Dr. Dre; the album is laced with several songs that have thought provoking hooks and love making ballads. Delta is excited about the project and is looking forward to sharing his gift, passion, and love of music with others who want to get to know him and share in his dream!